Frequently Asked Questions

How much does TopScholars Cost?

  1. TopScholars is free to download, and free to use for creating and studying.
  2. If you purchase study materials from other students. They set their own price.
  3. The TopScholars Ecosystem is a free market economy. If you chose to sell study and learning materials, then when you make a sale there is a 3% - 4% credit card fee + $0.30 US cents from Stripe. TopScholars does not charge the seller any fees.
  4. To purchase study materials, as a subscriber it is only the cost of the study materials plus taxes, if any. Currently, the freemium-license purchase fee is waived.
  5. This is a system that you may make an income from. There is a nominal monthly fee of $8.00/month to sell or to distribute materials.

Making money on TopScholars

What you earn is yours.

We may have started in the Silicon Valley, but this doesn't mean our pricing strategy is the same as other SV companies. In the same spirit that has helped our world become more balanced for all, TopScholars is a believer in Adam Smith's "Wealth of Nations" where producers and consumers benefit from pursuing their own best interests in a free trade system. As a student or an educator you can earn an income on our platform for the hard work you already do. We are transparent in our costs. TopScholars is intent on providing true value. As a learner, you get higher quality materials. As a creator, you receive the reward you earn. Now the market shall be led as if by an invisible hand. Sound familiar?

There are several ways to make money in our ecosystem. As an original creator you create a quality deck and you are paid when it sells.

If as the original creator, you allow others to share your deck. Then when they edit it they may share it in their network. When they make a sale, both the original creator and the next person share the sale. Thus as an original creator you receive a larger number of sales as the deck is redistributed from each person. And in theory the deck's learning materials improve in accuracy, and remain relevant. A deck that has been purchased and edited several times is more likely to be of greater value.

As a purchaser, if the original creator allows you to "redistribute" the deck, and you edit the deck for quality and relevance, then you can share the deck with your network either through social media or by physically posting the address where a fellow student may obtain the deck. When the deck sells, you share the sale with the original creator.

There will be more ways to earn income in the future as we make future releases.

learn more about Making Sales

Disclaimer: TopScholars makes no guarantees that you will make money on its platform. If, when, and how much can be made is determined by market variables that are outside of TopScholars's control. Further, TopScholars reserves the right to remove content if it is harmful in any way. Contains information intended to threaten, bully, or influence individuals or groups. This also includes misinformation that TopScholars deems as adverse to the TopScholars Ecosystem, its users, or its educational purposes. If your content is removed. TopScholars makes no promise for reimbursement for your loses and may at its discretion, refund monies made to the purchasers.

What can I study on TopScholars?

TopScholars can be used for any subject in principle. No limits to the choice of academic areas! Whether you are an engineer, a biologist or a historian, TopScholars is there to help with your specific topic or discipline. Other possible, but not only, subjects are mathematics, computer science, chemistry, physics, law, arts, languages, philosophy, anthropology and many more.

TopScholars has the smart tech for keeping up with your lectures. If you're a savvy student, and like to take video's and snapshots of the math problem on the white board, then you know how cumbersome it is to keep track of all of the photos, keep up with the lecture, and keep everything organized. Fortunately, with TopScholars you can quickly take that snapshot, place it in a card, and use it right away. Then later, when your studying, everything is in one place.

Does TopScholars have math learning tools?

Current beta-version contains a math card that is under development. The math card allows you to insert a formula similar to what you can do with TI-86 (i.e. programmable graphic calculator by Texas Instruments). When you are studying, it will help to identify and correct mistakes.

Can TopScholars be used for teaching?

TopScholars's tools can be instrumental in teaching and designing courses. Courses can be divided into sections, and sections can be further split into shorter segments. A segment allows you to organize smaller parts of your work: it can be just one card containing a video lecture or questions for a seminar. A section can include larger portions of study materials, such as modules, assignments and tests among others, which maybe be used for in-class, distant or blended teaching.

If I created the materials, who owns them?

We created TopScholars for educators and students following a fundamental academic rule that ideas and information belong to their creators. The author owns what they create, and is responsible for the proper acknowledgement of the original source. In academia, this gives credibility to the content, encourages creativity through ownership, and grants acknowledgement to the originator.

I don't always have strong internet. Does TopScholars require a connection?

Using websites that must be tied to the internet all the time is a bummer. TopScholars is an application that can run on and offline. When you are connected, your study materials are synchronized in the cloud and you can access them from multiple devices. When you are not connected, the app is still fully functional. It is possible to use TopScholars without ever being connected to the internet. With TopScholars, you can study or modify your materials, from anywhere without the inconvenience of that ball and chain.

What about compatibility?

The current version is compatible with devices that run Java. Testing is conducted on Macintosh/Apple OS, and Windows OS. This is generally all Windows and Apple laptops, and some tablets. Not all in app features are currently available on Apple OS Ventura 13.x, but work perfectly in prior versions. Windows devices behave beautifully in Windows 11.

When will you be available on phones?

We get this question occasionally. Our response is, when it makes since to write papers and take class notes on a phone. TopScholars is compatible with Windows Tablet devices.

What about my privacy?

To read our privacy policy go to TopScholars believes that privacy is an intrinsic right of all human beings. We've been clear about that from the very beginning. With the caveat of some legitimate legal reasons, we will not sell, and we will not share your information unless you've requested that yourself. In case the TopScholars app is provided through an institution, some data will be shared with your institution for educational purposes. We also share information that is necessary for financial transactions.

What about Safety?

TopScholars has not applied for certifications from Windows as of the release of 2.0.0. You may receive warnings from Windows the first time you open the application. Our software is scanned and free from viruses and all downloads are from a secure link. Our software is scanned by Apple and Mac users should experience a streamlined download with a single popup that you are downloading from a website. Apple provides assurance that they have scanned TopScholars, and it is free of "Malicious Software".