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A platform for learning

On TopScholars, learning is a first-class citizen and not an afterthought. Most platforms are coined as LMS or Learning Management Systems and do little to help with actual learning. On these platforms, Educators upload content, and students download content. Tools are added in an ad hock fashion and are difficult for professors to use. The result is confusing and adds cognitive load to students which disrupts the learning process. TopScholars is structured to promote learning and memorialization using methods that have been shown to be effective.

How to succeed in college

  • The problem with the most common study habit

    Many of us students do not learn good study habits before we get to the college level. Generally however, we follow a similar pattern that is something like this. We go to class. Take some notes. Review them once and set them aside. Then just before exam time, we cram all of our notes in hopes we will remember. Sound familiar? The problem with this strategy is when we are reading and remembering our notes, the type of memory recall that is built relies on hints. When we take an exam and do not see an associated hint, this leads to a lack of recall. Many students refer to this as "drawing a blank".

  • An effective study strategy

    Time is a limited resource in college, just as it is in life. If we are taking the effort to attend college, adding on a large chunk of debt, and spending 4 or more years of our lives to learn, then using efficient and effective study methods should be a priority. As mentioned above, most of us do not study effectively. This results in degree and career changes when critical courses are failed. A better way to study is to build free recall. Most students feel more confident about their knowledge when they build free recall memory and this reduces anxiety before an exam. Here's a study strategy that employs the findings from research conducted at a top 5 university on the best methods for studying.

    1. Review information by testing yourself

    Testing is not re-read your notes. Instead, use smart technologies similar to Flash Cards to create concise easily digestible chunks of knowledge. Flash Card technologies are more flexible than physical cards and offer added capabilities such as storing video, audio, images with annotations and multiple question types.

    2. Write your own questions

    Try to avoid hints that give away the answer. If you write them as you would expect a Professor to write them, you may avoid surprises at test time. In addition, ask the question in an unexpected way from the way you learned it.

    If you cannot write your own effective study questions, obtain them from someone else. It is wise to get study materials from the same classes and the same professor so that terminology and order remains the same.

    3. Repeat questions you've missed and use time spaced repetition

    Study the information until you've memorized it. Wait a few days, then study it again. If you cannot memorize it completely, or there is a section that isn't sticking, wait a few hours or repeat the questions in the same study session.

    Study the materials again after a few days. Then study them at least a third time before the final cram session.

  • Why use TopScholars?

    1. Use TopScholars to create digital notes and flash cards

    Its fast. Create study materials while in class during lectures. You can quickly include images of the white board, snapshots from the screen, sound, and drawings. It is engineered to be as fast as a lecture. It's also far faster than handwriting or recreating a white board drawing.

    2. TopScholars employs the study strategies mentioned above

    We included effective study strategies in our about section because research shows that the most common study strategies are neither efficient nor highly effective. Many platforms simply parrot information. TopScholars employs methods that research shows are most effective.

    3. Unique added benefit

    There are alternative reasons to study on TopScholars. Not only do you learn efficiently, but as a creator, you can earn cash from selling your decks. This has an important side benefit. When your decks sell, and they are reviewed by your peers. This shows concrete evidence that the knowledge you created has value and shows a strong work ethic. In competitive job markets, this is a very strong edge.


New types can be created by developers and made available for creators to use either for studying or learning new concepts.

The Ecosystems

The ecosystem is multiple sub-ecosystems

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